Cut costs by boosting efficiency

– On every platform
Being able to develop apps that work across platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) not only shorten development time, adds predictability and lower costs. It also lowers your maintenance and support costs. For example, your help desk staff no longer has to be trained in multiple platforms. The result is more efficient product development and delivery.

– At every screen size
No matter what screen size, we will make sure your app looks and works great. We have developed specialized technology that creates ‘responsive design’ automatically. This means you can create beautiful, interactive and engaging user experiences for your customers that adapt and work across all ranges of screen sizes, retina displays, and aspect ratios.

– In domain-specific languages
The Area9 team has for the last two decades solved extremely valuable problems with domain-specific programming languages.

The result: faster, safer development at lower cost. Domain specific programming languages is one of the most advanced tools in computer science. Ultimately, this might be the formula to achieve a transformational competitive advantage in your industry.

More people, less process

We are a company of experts. We are not a consulting firm, where you might be charged a high rate for the top partner’s time and then get most of the work from a junior associate. We scout the absolute best computer scientists around the world. We only hire people who pass the hardest programming test we know of in the industry – a proprietary recruitment method we have developed and matured for over a decade.

Top talent allows us to use extremely agile methods. We believe customer collaboration is more valuable than contract negotiation. Our customers have direct and instant access to the app at any point in time. Our sprints are measured in days, rather than weeks or months. This is important, as we all become smarter as a project unfolds. If we find that something needs to be improved, it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

Simple, but powerful process

Our process is simple. Work has to be done. All the needs are put in a queue, and we start by addressing the most important items first. Tasks are prioritized, reprioritized, new work is added, some work is removed, and items are completed. This cycle continues until the product is done. Customers can have direct access and influence the development and prioritization. This means iterations are very short: each task is a little iteration, the result being visible in the app immediately as soon as the task is completed.

Quality assurance

Software fails in many ways: it does not work, it solves the wrong problem, it is too hard to use, it is delayed, it is too expensive. Quality assurance is about ensuring none of these happen. Each type of failure needs its own defence mechanism – and every project has its own risk profile. We tailor the quality assurance mechanisms to the specific project. For example, sometimes usability testing is imperative, sometimes market testing or performance testing is needed. Often, project-specific safety measures will be developed to address and minimize certain risks. For example, if it is crucial that something is correct and never changes, then it makes sense to have regression testing systems in place in order to ensure progress. The key is to design a cocktail of defensive measures that reduces the risk of failures to an acceptable level, but at the same time keeps costs at a reasonable level.

Product design

Great ideas go a long way, but they are not enough. The right product design is crucial to success. It is hard to get this right, because you constantly need an overview of what the different technologies can and cannot do for your specific need. What their trade offs are. You need a deep understanding of the domain, the business needs and goals, and how to make an attractive package that real users can actually use. To achieve this, you need people who master multiple disciplines. We have the crucial profiles that master technology, business, usability and design. A team that has done it again and again across multiple businesses and technologies.