Crushing hard problems with science

Area9 Innovation is the result of over 20 years of innovation.

We are a team of tightly knit experts with a clear vision:
To crush difficult problems with science!

Working with the best of the best

We have been rewarded for working with the best of the best through two decades. People who relentlessly apply the most cutting edge computer science, mathematics, cognitive psychology – or any other science or technology that can provide valuable breakthroughs. In many ways, we have the research culture of the most prominent academic institutions. We partner with companies to make new products or solutions – starting with their needs.

The outcome has been some of the most widely used and highest performing platforms and products in education, simulation, health care and publishing. These are all highly profitable businesses for the current owners of those platforms. The results of this approach speak for themselves.

A few prominent examples:

McGraw-Hill Education, is a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences to help students, parents, educators and professionals improve results. In 2014, McGraw-Hill Education acquired Area9’s adaptive learning education business, cementing its status as a global leader in adaptive learning technology. McGraw-Hill Education deploys a very large number of adaptive products based on Area9-developed technologies (now owned by McGraw-Hill Education), which can be used at multiple levels from project management tools, programming languages, authoring tools, publishing platforms to a wide range of customer facing platforms and products. Area9 continues to collaborate with McGraw-Hill Education.

Laerdal Medical, who purchased our simulation company Sophus Medical in 2002 and is now the leading medical simulation company globally.

The New England Journal of Medicine has launched the most successful new NEJM product for decades, Knowledge+, for recertification of physicians in internal medicine as well as family medicine.